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The key to Social Media is that there is no key.

Project Bionic is your brand's social media team. We are a group of experts who create and execute a full-service, comprehensive social media plan. We are writers, designers, analysts and community managers with years of experience crafting an engaging, ROI-driven online voice amid the social clutter. If it's social, we do it. Excellently.

Our philosophy

Social Media resides in the eye of the beholder. Some businesses see it as the Holy Grail, the answer to all their problems, a magic wand that will cure all that ails them and physically force new customers to buy their products. Others see it as a fad, a nuisance, a medium to only engage with grudgingly.

The truth lies in the middle. Social Media is a tool. It’s a microphone. It’s a comment card. It’s a round table. It’s a billboard. It’s a therapist’s office. It can be many things, which is why Social Media is such a wonderful tool for brands. But it’s not magic.

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Our services

The whole shebang. The whole kit and caboodle. The whole Enchilada. The whole…uh…the whole pumpkin? Is that a thing?

When we say Full Service Management, we mean it. There’s no aspect of Social Media that is off the table when you hand us your social keys. We are a trustworthy team member. A partner. We’re not some reckless teenager on a Mountain Dew-fueled joyride.

That’s the point, right? You leave Social Media to us so you can focus on your business.

You have the resources internally, but you feel they may be publishing willy-nilly on your social channels. Every single day - pictures of cats! We assumed that's what you wanted, right? Just grumpy cat after grumpy cat? No, that would be horrible. You need to be confident that your brand is in steady, prepared hands, that your ship is on course, routed on the correct heading.

Events and social media were made for one another. Peas in a pod, we say. Delicious, exciting, technologically advanced peas. Futuristic peas! These peas are truly incredible!

Not only is social media event management an avenue for the continuous stream of live content, it also allows those who can't attend the event to enjoy it vicariously. When people know/see/read what they're missing, they're far more likely to attend the event in the future.

Project Bionic has managed the social media for a variety of events...

Promos are fun! Contests are fun! However, they can also crash and burn without the right planning and care. You want fireworks, not a tire fire, and we know the ins and outs of creating and running a successful campaign.

Specific promotions are intended to support the creative voice of your brand. They should bring an immediate return to the promotion and reach of your product or service. Examples include, but are not limited to: Exclusive Offers, Contest Entries, User Generated Content Uploads and Photo Caption Contests.

Social advertising takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Like Jenga.

With our advertising campaign management, we use numerous tools to both increase the number of impressions in daily posts and to grow the community size on your social media profiles.

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts.
-Sherlock Holmes

About Us

Project Bionic is a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Agency. Currently located in the traditionally Scandinvavian neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle, Washington, the company employs a small but rabid team of account strategists, creative writers, branding specialists, analytics experts, raconteurs, scalawags and amateur rodeo clowns.

We are unconcerned with outwardly superficial proclamations. Internally, we utilize a thorough process that can be summed up as a symbiotic system of checks and balances. This ensures that we avoid stasis and always improve. We care about one thing: Excellence. It’s that simple. If we aren’t excellent in every facet of our operation, we’ve failed.

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