Social advertising takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Like Jenga.

As more brands establish themselves and engage on social platforms, organic reach and impressions have inevitably suffered. As a result, social advertising has become increasingly necessary. Though social platforms continue to offer new ways for brands to reach their audiences – trends we pay exceedingly close attention to - it’s also become a tangled, esoteric web. Did you know Facebook offers over a dozen advertising objectives, as well as multiple ways to place and optimize your ads? It’s not as simple as clicking the “Boost Post” button (unless, of course, you’re not trying to get the best bang for your buck).

Objective, placement, ad type, delivery optimization, geo-targeting, demographic targeting, lookalike audiences, website visitor retargeting, custom email list audiences, and more; there’s a lot to consider when building a successful social ad campaign. Fortunately, we employ a dedicated team that excels in executing these campaigns. Whether the goal is driving traffic to a website, increasing web conversions, raising awareness for an event or simply growing your social audience, we’ve learned a trick or two that will help optimize your ad dollars.

And, while Facebook has the largest overall audience and the greatest number of advertising options, there’s also Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to consider. Each platform has advantages and drawbacks. We’ll help you define which are the best to reach your target audience and business objectives.